Motivational & Success Seminars - Discover The Secret Weapon Within...


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    Motivational & Success Seminars - Discover The Secret Weapon Within...

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    If you take away dreams, you’re left with space! Benjamin Bonetti 2008

    Motivational Seminars that you’re going to love!

    Benjamin Bonetti is a popular speaker on Sales, Motivational and Communication Skills. Companies and organisations are contacting Benjamin to speak at corporate events, sales meetings and conferences worldwide.

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    "Discover The Secret Weapon Within" is one of the most exciting, entertaining and valuable motivational seminars in the world today - and the ultimate event to understand the secret of success.

    Its a well known fact that those who want to create an extraordinary life and achieve the visionary dreams share one fundamental key: the ability to delete negative emotion and beliefs that would otherwise hinder their goals.During our Motivational Seminars not only will you learn these fundamentals, but create strategies to achieve the results.

    Motivational Seminar Schedule:

    • Activate key motivations to achieving your action.
    • Eliminate your negative feelings, limited beliefs and issues.
    • Establish your peak emotional, mental and physical state and self anchor.
    • Conquer any further barriers and tests.
    • Rapport building and trust exercises - learn how to improve your rapport building skills.
    • Inspiring others in business, client perception and influencing techniques.
    • Setting your future.

    The standard for success across the globe is having a vision that compels you to succeed. Motivation is the key in accomplishing all your goals. No matter how many years you spend in a classroom or from what social class or lifestyle, motivation is the common factor among those who are high achievers.

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    Clients who have attended this seminar have reported significant improvement in all areas of their life, feeling completely revived, more confident and are able to approach each day with renewed enthusiasm. “Empower your life – NOW!”

    If you want to make a positive difference to your life and business -- and most important of all -- are prepared to benefit from massive state changes then please attend.

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    Benjamin works worldwide, and can be booked to present a Motivational Seminar or Motivational workshop or keynote speech in your country or region. Please contact us for details on +44 (0)845 194 9644

    If after the Seminar you are not completely satisfied you will receive a full refund.

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