Phone Techniques - Part 1



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    Phone Techniques - Part 1

    Post  deangill on Sun Apr 12, 2009 8:39 am


    Communicating by telephone is more difficult than communicating face to face because:

    • You have no eye contact

    • You cannot see body language and facial expression

    • You are thought of as representing your whole company. A judgment will be made
    about your company, irrespective of your position in it

    • You have to communicate your message, your personality and your efficient,
    caring, positive attitude using only your voice

    • The person you are talking to cannot see you or your environment. If you are distracted, it appears that you are not paying attention


    Your objective is to make sure that, whenever possible, the person you are talking to is satisfied with the outcome of the call. Using the phone effectively will also ensure satisfaction for you.

    Listening effectively can:

    • Increase your income
    • Improve your company’s profits
    • Make you more promotable
    • Increase your job satisfaction
    • Improve your ability to solve problems
    • Keep you aware of what is going on in your organisation

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