Phone Techniques - Part 2



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    Phone Techniques - Part 2

    Post  deangill on Sun Apr 12, 2009 8:42 am

    Following on from part 1, here are some suggestions for improving your skills -

    Your Voice

    • Clarity - It is important you speak clearly

    • Friendliness - The warmth and friendliness in your voice will make a
    lasting impression. The reverse is also true

    • Speed - Slow your speech rate down a little. Do this particularly if
    you are under pressure

    • Pitch - Learn to vary the pitch so that your voice sounds
    interesting and not flat

    • Mouthpiece - Do not hook the phone under your chin. It makes you
    sound like Donald Duck

    What you say

    • Answering - Use the company approved response. This is normally
    “Good morning/afternoon, company name, how may I
    help you?”

    • Planning - Plan your outgoing calls by listing points to be covered.
    Plan your sales presentation before you pick up the

    • Summarising - Always summarise the main points you have covered at
    the end of the call

    • Customer’s - Get the customer’s name and use it.

    • Your Name - Make sure the customer has your name so they know
    who to ask for if they need to ring back


    • Be tidy. Have the phone where you can get at it easily

    • Block off lines you can’t handle

    • Create diary entries, use a message book for messages and pass them promptly
    to colleagues

    • Use the hold facility – do not leave lines open

    • Have a list of other departments’ numbers handy in case you need to pass them

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