Stuck in a rut - and how to get out!!


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    Stuck in a rut - and how to get out!!

    Post  pken-coach on Mon May 18, 2009 2:31 pm

    (& how to get out)

    If like me you have ever thought "What am I doing with my life?" then read on.
    Being at a recent crossroads in my life I took the road forking off to the right and followed it towards where I believed the rainbow ends..

    Having been in full time employment for 19 years in an industry that catered to holiday makers from bucket and spade affairs on the Costa Del Sol to sailing the ocean waves on Luxury Cruise Liners -
    Ive been to Nice and the Isle of Greece - but Ive never been to me springs to mind!

    It was a varied job and I did get to travel the world on many educational "holidays" - from Island hopping around the Carribean to meeting Mr Claus himself in the real Lapland!

    The raising my head out of the sand came when on the 19th March 2009 - I left the four walls of my comfort zone also known as full time employment. This was due to a big internal restructure in the company that I was currently working for meaning that my job was being made REDUNDANT.. stricking fear into the hearts of men and women alike - these words have in my opinion been bantered about far too freely. I wouldnt say its propoganda but we all like a drama and needless to say the media can take credit for "creating" a raging inferno in light of the recent climate...I dont doubt that there have been people struggling but in my view it was a fantastic chance to do something for me and to have a long hard look around at what I could offer to the world and be true to myself in the process.

    Having completed a Neuro Linguistic Programming qualification some time earlier I decided to stick to my guns and now was the time to polish them off and walk forwards into the unknown.

    Now we all know that word FEAR....Perception is a very personal relationship and in my terminology fear could read False Evidence Appearing Real.

    What in fact was I fearful off? Ok so the worse case scenario was that I would need to move out of my luxury apartment block in London to bed down on a friends couch for some time. Signing on at the Job Centre and living off baked beans on toast.
    Well if that was the worse case scenario what was the best?

    Fame, Fortune and riches beyond my wildest dreams....I chose the middle ground knowing if my chips were down my friends couch was very comfortable thank you and arent baked beans good for you?

    So the next question was what did I believe that I could offer? having been a breakdown survivor I decided that my life experience was enough to get me through pretty much anything and not just this but I could use what I knew and give back to the world around me. In fact this was my chance to shine and to make my stand in what I believed in. To help others to help themselves - and my company Showing The Way was born. After much deliberation on the name I thought to myself to keep it simple and thats what I did.. show people where to go and that they always have choice.

    This is my driving force and underlying energy behind what I now do on a daily basis. I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing and inspirational people who continue to add to my pot of creative energy. It never runs out and if it looks like it is going to be empty I simply allow myself to dream which happily and quite rightly fills up the reserviour again until I am ready to strive forward one step at at time believing that I deserve success.

    Since making that all important decision to change, the universe has provided for me what I need and in true you get what you wish for style I am getting what I wished for. This started the moment I put down my travel hat and had a look around for something that fitted me more comfortably..

    I am now a qualified NLP Practitioner and Life Coach offering one to one sessions aswel as being able to talk at motivational workshops and events in the London area.

    I am now asking myself why stop there....I might well have been to Nice and the Isle of Greece and now I can truly say I have come home.... to myself...

    Gandhi once said "Be the change that you want to be"...never a wiser word spoken!!

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    Re: Stuck in a rut - and how to get out!!

    Post  Admin on Tue May 19, 2009 9:03 am

    great article keep them coming....

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