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    Introduction To NLP- NLP World Podcast

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    Welcome to the first in our series of NLP related beginner's guides. Terry Elston takes you through an introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming - what it is and what you can do with it and how you can start to get what you want from life!

    Click here to listen to this recording of about 15 minutes or keep reading below:

    On the recording Terry Elston will give you an overview of NLP, what you may expect to learn and how the techniques can fit into your toolbox of life, enriching and enhancing what you already have.

    NLP World has developed a course that goes alongside the recording as an introduction to NLP, called "The Laws of Attraction Weekend".

    Here is a brief description of the introductory 2 day NLP course:

    "Just suppose you truly knew what you wanted to do in your life; Imagine you had the world at your finger tips, knowing you were responsible for creating it the way you wanted it. What would that be worth to you?

    The Secret to having a fulfilled life is knowing how you can manifest things; how to focus and create, whatever the weather.

    If you are like most people then you probably have some vague idea as to what you really want out of your life. How do you think people like Paul McKenna, Derron Brown, Anthony Robbins, Richard Bandler and John Grinder got what they got from life? Anthony Robbins used to be a janitor at one stage of his life! For most of us, you probably just want the opposite of the painful things that you have right now. The experts say that only 3% of people know precisely what they want to do in their life. That leaves the other 97% not knowing exactly what to do. That isn't surprising, you aren't taught how to dream at school or how to construct ideas in a way that you can easily get what you want".

    When will you give yourself the time?

    To clear out those past problems, emotions and limiting beliefs ? Most people are too busy or don't think it's possible for them!

    That's why we've designed a Secret weekend for you to get on with your life without the clutter that usually gets in the way.

    The course is based on NLP, and there's lots more than that when you get here. We have developed this course from all of our experience in self development and techniques that really work and combined them with NLP to give you an amazing journey or clearing and discovery!

    So what am I going to experience from this course?

    "If you think of how a landscaped garden flourishes, it starts with the clearing of the weeds. That's the first part. Then we show you how to re-connect to your core purpose in life, the work you came here to do, your life's mission. The last part is about looking at your solid, material goals and planting those dreams and plans into the fertile soil that you've become over the two days.

    A seed has all the information inside it already; all the power, all the knowledge. Your life is about unlocking and realising this, as yet unmanifest you"!

    That was a part of the course information: To find out more call us
    free on 0800 074 6425, or internationally on 0044 1273 220897 email

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